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23 Aug: Understanding Customer Needs

#Marketing101 tells us that need or desire, is the primary motivator behind the customer’s decision to buy. Your ability to convince them that you can effectively relieve them of that need, is what drives the customer to select your service or product over any other in its category… But what does your customer need? And how do you even begin to clarify their wants and needs? And where do you begin solving that need?

18 Aug: Celebrating Women in Tech: Leah Molatseli

Leah Molatseli is a lawyer, published legal tech author, speaker, and Legal Tech and Innovation Specialist, who currently holds the role of Head of Business Development at Legal Interact. She focuses on the intersection between law, innovation, and technology, using her expertise to educate and empower the legal market. She is a Guest Lecturer at the University of Cape Town where she develops and teaches legal tech and innovation-related courses to the broader legal industry.

28 Jul: Consultative selling is the future, and the future is now

Consultative selling (or needs-based selling) refers to a customer-centric approach that concentrates on establishing and maintaining client relationships that will far outlast the initial project. Rather than focus on the transaction, it prioritizes the client and their needs; and creates an open dialogue that identifies solutions aimed at meeting those needs.