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Privacy Policy

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We understand that your privacy, especially while you are online, is important to you.

Who is Blacfox?

We are a digital marketing company acting as a center of communication between various parties. Our goal is to facilitate meaningful connections between our clients and theirs.

What information do we deal with?

As a hub of information, we deal with personal and anonymous information.

  • Personal information is information that can be linked to a specific entity.
  • Anonymous information does not refer to any specific entity.

What information do we collect?

When you visit our website, we may use cookies to gather anonymous information about your interactions within it. This will help us improve your future experience on our site.

You can also provide us with your personal information in other ways (i.e., forms). Our reasons for collecting such information will always be clearly stipulated to ensure that we only collect the necessary information to offer you a good experience.

Only in rare circumstances will we request sensitive information. You have our word that we will limit this to cases where such information is an absolute requirement.

Who has access to your information?

We will always ensure that as few parties as possible are privy to your information. We do this by limiting their access. In some cases, we may require our service vendors to assist with the processing of your information. We do, however, have strict agreements in place to guarantee that they treat all information confidentially and as instructed.

We may also use third-party applications and products to store and process your information. This includes but is not limited to cloud storage and customer relationship management tools. Your information will be secure on these applications and will not be utilised for any purpose, other than what we have stated.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the device that you are using to browse our site. This text file does not contain any information that we can use to identify you.

Why do we use cookies?

Eating a ton of cookies may be bad for you, however, we use cookies to ensure that you have the best experience when interacting with us. The data we collect using cookies is anonymous. We use this information to ascertain how people interact with our site and how to improve their experience with us. We will not attempt to discover the identity of any anonymous information in our possession.

How do we store our information?

Information collected by Blacfox is securely stored. Access is controlled to prohibit any unauthorised influence.

What choices do I have about what happens with my information?

After we have your consent to hold your information, you can choose how you would like us to handle this information:

  • You can request that we inform you of what information we have.
  • You can request that we amend the information that we have.
  • You can request that we delete your information from our network.

How do I make a request regarding my information?

You can visit our Data Privacy Centre where you can find a Personal Information Request and Amendment Form. Complete this and send it to us to verify your identity and your authority to submit the information.

Our information officer will investigate the request and act accordingly.

Who may access to my information?

Blacfox is a marketing consultancy. There will therefore be cases where we collect information that may be provided to a third party. If it is unclear that we are collecting your personal information on behalf of a client, we will always obtain consent directly from you prior to providing your information to a client.

Can we provide information to anybody without your consent?

Only in exceptional circumstances. For instance, if it is legally required, or court mandated. We will not share your information with unauthorised parties unless faced with circumstances such as these.

Is my information secure?

Yes. We ensure that our security systems and procedures are high quality. Information is stored securely on cloud storage. We ensure that only authorised parties have access to your information and that it is only shared with authorised parties.

While we try our best to keep your information secure, we are also aware that there are malicious people who may try to steal your information. Although we cannot guarantee that such attempts will never be successful, we do use the latest technology to prevent them from accessing your information.

Will this policy change?

We may change this privacy policy from time to time. We will, however, not change the way in which your rights are protected. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your rights are always protected.

Any questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to visit our Data Privacy Centre or contact us at [email protected].