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As a valued data subject, we are committed to protecting your personal information.

Your information will be used in accordance with THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL INFORMATION ACT 4 of 2013 (POPIA) (South Africa). Regulations relating to the Protection of Personal Information [Regulation 6]
  • ”Direct Marketing”, as defined in POPIA, means to approach a Data Subject, either in person or by mail or electronic communication, for the direct or indirect purpose of:
    • Promoting or offering to supply, in the ordinary course of business, any goods or services to the data subject; or
    • Requesting the data subject to make a donation of any kind for any reason.
  • ”Electronic Communication”, on the other hand, is defined as “any text, voice, sound or image message sent over an electronic communications network which is stored in the network or in the recipient’s terminal equipment until it is collected by the recipient”.
When you provide your consent, you hereby acknowledge that you understand the following direct marketing conditions as provided for in terms of POPIA, and consent to receive direct marketing of goods or services by the Responsible Party by means of electronic communication.
  • Processing of your Personal Information is done in accordance with the Processing Conditions of POPIA
  • Your right to object to such Processing of your Personal Information is accounted for
  • Your right to opt out of any and all future direct marketing by and from the Responsible Party at any stage is accounted for
  • You may only be contacted once by the Responsible Party in order to request such consent
Important note 
Section 1 of POPIA defines an operator as ‘a person who processes personal information for a responsible party in terms of a contract or mandate, without coming under the direct authority of that party’.
Where the goods and services being marketed by direct marketing are sold by a Responsible Party other than Blacfox Enterprises (Pty) Ltd., it can be assumed that Blacfox Enterprises (Pty) Ltd. is acting purely as an operator under contract.
In this instance, it is advisable that the correct Responsible Party, via their Information Officer, be contacted directly with queries or complaints.

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