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Greetings from Blacfox

You’re here, which means you value your privacy. Good news is, we do, too. We’ve got your back!

As a marketing company in the tech space, we are very serious about privacy. Yours, ours, and our clients’.

We have an Information Regulator Certificate to prove it!

We do our best to stay updated on all privacy requirements that we must adhere to, whether local or international.

The world of “privacy” and “consent” is complex and often confusing, but we are on this virtual journey with you. We promise to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your information in our possession.

Your options:

Should you have any questions or requests regarding your information, feel free to complete the “Personal Information Request or Amendment” form below. You can also contact us at [email protected]. We will respond to your questions or requests as quickly as possible.

We do need to get your information (in terms of our laws) to confirm your identity and to ensure that we don’t share any info that does not belong to you.

If you’re not happy with us (sorry!), you can complete the “Blacfox Complaint” form below. We will investigate your concern and address it ASAP. You can also forward any complaints to [email protected] and we will start investigating.

You’re always welcome to contact the Information Regulator in South Africa if you really don’t want to talk to us. The “Information Regulator” form can also be found below, as can their contact details.

If you love reading, you are welcome to have a gander at our PAIA and POPIA Manual below. It makes for some insightful wisdom.


Privacy Policy

PAIA and POPIA Manual

Information Regulator Certificate



Personal Information Request or Amendment Form

Request information on the holding of Personal, correction or update of Personal Information, requesting records of such information or request the deletion or destruction of personal information

Blacfox Complaint Form

Direct any complaints regarding the decisions of the Information Officer for reconsideration

Information Regulator Form

Direct a complaint directly to the Information Regulator