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A Gap in the Market. IT companies, where are you?

This sudden shift in the market has become an enormous opportunity for IT companies developing communication technology and digital platforms – and this now much-needed market is sure to grow from here on out.

With this sudden leap into the remote working realm, business owners are scrambling to find ways to accommodate their employees while at the same time being forced to take certain precautions with regards to digital security. And with this need to continue working, employers and employees alike are seeking answers to their problems – now, more than ever, it seems tech experts need to shine a light on what to do and what digital platforms to use.


In addition to the millions of companies in the United States alone working from home, a great number of the world’s biggest tech companies – Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Amazon – have been forced to into rapid implementations of remote working policies. And in the many countries where working from home has become mandatory, it’s looking like remote work is the one and only option right now.

A Gap in the Market

Furthermore, this sudden shift in the market has become an enormous opportunity for IT companies developing communication technology and digital platforms – and this now much-needed market is sure to grow from here on out.

IT companies, where are you?

The companies that aren’t using tech and communication tools will soon be required to adopt these new systems – or fall behind. And all within a rather short time frame too. We’ll be growing from the small percentage already using these tools to nearly most of the world having the immediate need to implement them in order to survive as a business. So an IT company providing these technologies can see this as the light at the end of the tunnel. But if they are not fast enough and do not get in front of these new “adopters” and users, then they will most likely lose out on a massive future market share.


See our article on ‘Social Distancing and it’s Impact on the World’ for more information on remote work, its benefits and potential issues, and the impact of COVID-19 on our current market.

Free Trials vs Selling in a Time of Emergency

These are tragic times where budgets are low, and what income may be floating in will be used for necessities and medical solutions only. And although this may be a time of tragedy and despair, the key thing is to not aim at selling.


But what must be done then?


This is a massive opportunity for tech companies to help struggling businesses while still growing a consumer base.


Microsoft has been one of the first to initiate this. A couple weeks back, the tech giant announced that it would be providing a six-month free trial of Microsoft Teams for users all around the world. The company, in doing so, hopes that this will support the shift to digital and the move to remote work during the coronavirus outbreak.

Free services to support the shift to digital

Now is the best possible time for companies to provide free business services in order to help people and other business alike weather the effects of the coronavirus.


Examples of this would be: providing secure access to applications; providing platforms to help businesses build and manage remote teams; providing web conferencing and videoconferencing applications; providing cyber security tools in a time of high risk; providing services for workforce management. And these are just a handful of examples. So use this time to provide free trials – allow companies that are struggling in this time of emergency to adopt your product and implement your systems. And once the company and their employees have become familiar with your systems, they will want to continue using it.

Not only will your company be helping other companies to survive, but you would also be taking hold of a new market share by providing a trial. And in doing so, you will be closing the door on any other competitors. And furthermore, word-of-mouth recommendations are more effective today than ever before – therefore providing quality service will lead to a rise in market share.

So to emphasis once again: take this opportunity to help others, take this opportunity to upsell clients, and take this opportunity to bring new companies onboard.