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We design, incubate and deploy your very own high-converting B2B sales funnel that is fully aligned from online (digital lead gen) all the way to offline (in-person sales). This includes all digital content creation, ad management and sales kit building.
We offer bespoke consulting where we help our clients toward their USP and Positioning & Messaging Framework (PMF). We can complete the entire journey or focus on a specific step. The full journey starts with research and ends when we build various outputs, like a sales pitch deck.
Finally, we use our own media platforms to directly convey the USP of a client to our own audience of decision-makers. Instead of a once-off event, we prefer building a campaign to attain maximum exposure for a client.
Sales Training
We stay abreast of the most avant-garde business development techniques, particularly those involving data and digital. From social selling to AI-driven account planning, we teach practical and relevant methods that result in rapid business growth.

At Blacfox, we dream of a world of impeccable customer service.

Imagine an Africa where your driver’s license was renewed entirely on your cellphone. Or where you could order anything off your phone, from any outlet you choose.

We want a better Africa and we want a better world.

We know that only technology can make this possible. And to make technology work, we need the experts. This is why Blacfox supports tech providers. We see tech providers, like IT companies, system integrators, software vendors and MSPs as our partners, more than our customers. We do all we can to help tech providers thrive because without them, our dream for the world is no more.

Optimize channel sales & generate more qualified leads.

How we do it

We give you the exact techniques, tools & systems to drive your own growth, under our guidance. We are full service consultants, the only company known for offering end-to-end marketing solutions that go from online to offline to generate sales qualified leads with partners and through partners.

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1. Equip

We build you a growth machine that works. We carefully select and then equip your partners with the necessary tools and systems to drive lead generation.

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2. Educate

We educate your people to ensure things can be independently and competently handled by them. This includes sales training, webinars and constant empowering.

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3. Excite

Lastly, we excite the machine into motion by actually creating leads and selling with your partners and through your partners!.

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What makes Blacfox so unique

Data Analysis

All our work is preceded by a deep research step allowing us to make sound decisions based on strong evidence. We use an array of online tools and live surveys to derive insight.


We actively seek out and utilize the most avant-garde growth-hacking techniques from across the globe. We stop at nothing when it comes to procuring bleeding edge digital systems that help us drive unfathomable growth for our clients. Where needed, we even help our clients further digitise internally as a natural extension to our campaigns.

Story Building

Conversions in marketing and sales depend on a good story. Using our decades of experience in tech, coupled with market research, we formulate your brand, product or campaign story.

More visibility. More marketing impact.

We’re unique in that we bring together deep statistical, strong sales/marketing and powerful technology skills. Blacfox provides marketing support and sales collateral to partners, affiliates and resellers to enable them to promote and sell your products effectively.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

The first step toward exceptional growth is a strong plan informed by the right inputs. From live surveys, social listening to competitor analysis, we provide our signature intelligent growth plan, backed by real data. We unearth tangible white-space market opportunity to support and enable your overarching strategy.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

While we fully execute your creative across design, branding, social assets (paid, curated, original), organic SEO, blogs (including digital PR), banners, and paid ads, we believe in billing on results, not designs. As a true lean-marketing adherent, it doesn’t matter how many times we have to refine your assets to optimise your results, we don’t charge iteratively. You pay once and we iterate as many times as needed.

Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

We know you don’t have time for “marketing qualified leads” that don’t amount to landed revenue. We strictly execute toward closed deals only. Beyond sales leads, we help you build a power sales team through a best-practice sales blueprint (including job specs and KPIs), we screen your recruits using bleeding-edge software, we mentor your sales manager for 6-months to drive sales discipline and we train your team to sell consultatively.

“Blacfox has been hands-on from the start of the campaign. They also play a vital role in the introduction meetings by being energetic and knowledgeable of the products and services. It has been a pleasure to work with them….

Rory Killin

Managed Services Account Manager, Adept ICT


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