Client: Liquid Telecom

Full funnel-as-a-service

Being primarily a telecommunication (infrastructure) provider, it was quite a challenge when this client selected to grow their channel and client base as indirect CSP provider. Their existing channel comprised mainly connectivity partners who had very little, if any, experience in the area of platform technologies like Microsoft Azure, let alone business applications.

We took on the challenge of helping this client expand across multiple countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, where infrastructure and connectivity remain a challenge.

We were able to build content that was relevant across geos. Additionally, we focused on “bottom-of-funnel” content to ensure that we invited the right prospects into the funnel. Because of time pressure for results, the campaign content skewed in the direction of product/offer material.


Google Adwords Campaign

Full Funnel as-a-service

Campaign Landing Environment & Banners

Email Campaign

Paid Social Media

Display Media Buying Campaign

We helped the client select their partners and we went on a national roadshow training partners across different regions. As leads came in from our inbound methods, we qualified them telephonically before managing the lead allocation process across partners.

4 week campaign

Full narrative development

4 landing pages designed & developed for campaign

8 banner designs

4 mailer templates


Display Media Buying

Google Paid Ads

Facebook Ads

Linkedin Banner Ads & sponsored InMails


2222 Landing Page Visitors

298 Marketing Qualified Leads

12 ISV's Sign Ups

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