As a Netsuite partner, are you passing up customers who seek a more entrenched brand?

Do you ever worry that you are missing out on growth opportunities available through other vendors?

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As an ERP reseller, you manage the most important aspects of your clients' operations. Now, you have the opportunity to guide your clients through their journey to the cloud.

The market has changed. Whether we like it or not, ERP users have been forced to redefine the way they deploy and access their systems. If you don't help your client with their decision process, your competitor might.

This also means that several ERP users are currently searching around for answers. Even if they have an incumbent provider, they may need to find a new provider who aligns better with their vision.

Do you have what it takes to give your clients and prospects the advice they need?

Do you have the ability to be unbiased and vendor-agnostic?

As much as the market has changed for end-users, it has changed for solution providers. Having the right product mix is crucial to success in the current climate. Should you diversify your product portfolio or take your existing products to new territories? This is a vital strategic decision facing ERP solution providers.

Being beholden to a single product may be dangerous, depending on where you are in your business life-cycle. Oversubscribing to many products can be equally harmful. A lack of focus and insufficient product specialisation is certainly not advisable.

Does the thought of representing a new product appear scary?

Does it seem like a lot of effort yet the return is a gamble?

The answer is the correct product mix taking into account your business and target market.

Get the advice of a specialist. Find out what product mix will work best in your situation.

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Who are we?

Blacfox is an independent firm that works across vendors and their resellers.

Among other services tailored for technology resellers, we advise resellers on the

right product approach based on their unique business.

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