Becoming a thought leader in a time where customers need it most

Digital is here to stay - and this free eBook will tell you how not to lose out on a massive gap in the market in the most critical shift in consumer behaviour. We have been asked to refrain from social gatherings, to work from home, and to wait the whole thing out.

We are in a historically significant time right now, so what can we do about it and what can we expect?


As the need for a remote workforce grows, so is there a need for IT Companies to step up.

The trend of working from afar is experiencing a major boost as businesses shift to digital channels and more people avoid physical gatherings. Remote work was something for the future, but the current events have led a shift sooner than expected, leading to higher demand for cloud services.

Is your company ready for the shift in business operations?

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Becoming a thought leader in a time where customers need it most

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Our services during lockdown

Online Consultative Sales Training

Online Consultative sales training: 6-week digital only training series tailored for your team. This is a next generation method of training sales teams who are spread out geographically or who operate as part of a remote workforce.

The Consultative Sales Training prepares delegates for C-level sales engagement. It is difficult to get and hold the attention of the CFO and CEO. With significant compliance and regulatory pressure facing these senior decision makers, a lack of knowledge of relevant governance and standards reduces the altitude of the seller. This course teaches delegates the specific governance rules that show why an investment in technology, in fact, advances the CFO’s strategy and protects the organization from compliance risk.

During a face to face meeting we’ve all seen how distracted some Business decision makers can get. Digital meetings will only make it harder to get and hold their attention. So how does one keep him/her engaged at a distance? It all about the quality of dialogue.

The Consultative Sales Course is delivered as a live webinar by a top Technology sales professional. Delegates will be encouraged to actively take part in the training over the course of 6 weeks. There will be 1 session per week of 1.5 hours each.

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Podcast/Webinar Series

There is a big need for companies like Resellers to take responsibility for keeping businesses running while remote work has become a necessity. Resellers must make the best use of the current pressure toward remote work to bolster its position as an industry leader. There is a small window period to get this right.

Blacfox will take end-to-end ownership of running a digital event with Sample Reseller. A digital event is a single event that comprises multiple broadcasts on different channels:

• one podcast broadcast (on Spotify and Apple Music)

• one Youtube Live broadcast, and

• one Zoom webinar broadcast.

This is the same one-hour event but shown on different formats to suit different consumption preferences.The event is hosted under an existing podcast brand. A pre-selected and prepared guest from the Reseller will appear on the show. The guest will engage in dialogue that focusses on the business and customer value of the Reseller's solutions. The purpose of this is to ensure that all audiences are reached, even those business decision makers who are not very technologically inclined.

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