Client: Westcon Comstor

Full funnel-as-a-service

This client is a global distributor of Microsoft technology. The client was looking to grow their channel and number of orders placed. The specific product is Microsoft Dynamics. As an ERP product line demanding very specific partner expertise, the existing channel is small and niche. Additionally, partner recruitment would require reaching those partners who have the capability to bring this solution to market.

We devised the concept of doing end-customer lead generation, with the intention of enticing new partners to place their orders with our client disti. In parallel, we ran a partner recruitment campaign to share the message with partners, too.

We also hosted a first-ever webinar targeting both customers and partners alike. This was appropriate given that the content was our signature business-oriented discussion, as opposed to product sales discussion.


Google Adwords Campaign

Full Funnel as-a-service

Campaign Landing Environment & Banners

Email Campaign

Paid Social Media

Live Webinar

Because Microsoft Dynamics is now much more aligned with the traditional Microsoft productivity stack (Office), we used productivity as the primary product hook. This had the added advantage of enticing those partners already offering deep productivity solutions to consider extending their product portfolio to include Dynamics too.

6 week campaign

Full narrative development

3 landing pages designed & developed for campaign

6 banner designs

3 mailer templates


Paid Newsletter Distribution

Google Paid Ads

Facebook Ads

Linkedin Banner Ads & Sponsored InMails


3802 Landing page visits

2081 Webinar views

74 Ebook Downloads

32 Marketing Qualified Leads (3 resellers so far)

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