Client: Crayon

Full funnel-as-a-service

The African office of this multinational disti was still new. They brought true value-adding services that would be very appealing to local partners. Instead of focusing on traditional order-placement, they instead wanted to offer partners assistance with deployments and a suite of tools/services. We did an in-depth strategy session with the senior execs to distil their core value proposition.

We agreed on an end-customer campaign. We helped the client source 3 of their partners to participate in this campaign. We interviewed the partners to understand the unique value of each. We trained partners and groomed them into the campaign. We managed the entire funnel including the allocation of leads to each partner.


Google Adwords Campaign

Full Funnel as-a-service

Campaign Landing Environment & Banners

Email Campaign

Paid Social Media

Press Release

Our team did daily follow-ups with each partner to ensure progress. We called each lead as they came through and qualified them directly. We created a briefing video for each lead and placed the video in the partner lead portal when the lead was handed over. This was our way of ensuring that the partner call was well aligned with our messaging.

8 week campaign

Full narrative development

5 landing pages designed & developed for campaign

8 banner designs

4 mailer templates


Press Release

Google Paid Ads

Facebook Ads

Linkedin Banner Ads & Sponsored InMails


117 Marketing Qualified Leads generated

34 Sales Qualified Leads

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